Party houses in Ukraine

If you value your work, then you value your vacation. And you should always rest at the highest level apartments, because you deserve it. Comfort, beautiful things around you and 24-hour service are available in our private houses in Kiev. They are so big that you can make a loud party with your friends. And our beautiful girls will be with you to make it more fun for you. Don't worry about safety. Our security will make sure that no one and nothing gives you trouble.

VIP houses outside Kiev

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The nature is very beautiful in Ukraine. We invite you to enjoy it, together with our houses outside Kiev. There are options with a sauna, jacuzzi. The house has a barbecue zone. If you do not want to cook yourself, then there is a food delivery service for any cuisine. Beautiful trees, birdsong and fresh air will create a good atmosphere for your holiday.

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We’re sure you’ve always dreamed of creating a rooftop party. We have a luxury townhouse with three floors, beautiful interior design and amazing nature around. This is where we do the best rooftop parties for our dear guests. You can find photos of this townhouse and all our private houses on our website. When you just arrive from the airport, you will have a welcome party with two bottles of elite alcohol, as well as a lot of champagne and beer. In addition, there are strip show services for you.

Party house in Kiev

For a large group of friends, we have a party house in Kiev with a swimming pool, barbecue area, as well as our own lake and forest. Many bedrooms, 3 toilets, billiards and 24 service, everything for your comfort. There are also game rooms and a spa area. You get a whole entertainment center in one house. We want to tell you that you can additionally order a DJ show with all equipment and a dance show from our beautiful ladies. Your dream vacation in one place. And this is only the first day of the bachelor party in Ukraine, which we are doing for you. So, what kind of rest houses in Kiev we offer you:

  • Party house in Kiev with swimming pool;
  • Townhouse;
  • Luxury villa-studio outside Kiev;
  • VIP party house outside Kiev;
  • Ukrainian castle.

Yes, the castle! Do you want to feel like knights? Our special offer for you. A beautiful castle-style house is ready to receive 6 guests. Photos are available for viewing on the Lux Tour Kiev website.

Do you like movies? those films where the main character is a big businessman, rapper or Pablo Escobar himself. Such people live in luxurious villas, surrounded by beautiful girls and guards. We are sure that when you see this, you want it too. And we make you feel it all. You will live like a superstar in a luxury villa outside Kiev with top-class service. A jacuzzi will be waiting for you to relax. This is so necessary after a big party. And there is enough space for a party in this house!

Best bachelors’ weekend in Ukraine

Let’s remember the movies again. Funny films, where students and not only have a great time in beautiful houses in the city or outside in a house near a forest or lake. A beautiful picture and bright emotions. That’s why our company exists. To give emotions and make dreams come true. Are you dreaming of the best bachelor party? We will make the best weekend in Ukraine of your life. Memorize 3 words! Comfort, fun, safety. This is what our entertainment is filled with! Welcome to Lux Tour Kiev website and choose the best party houses!