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Premium class mercedes sedan, SUV or VAN with driver and fuel included*

A real man loves nice cars. High-quality, fast business class. Ride in the back seat with a beautiful girl, dressed in an expensive suit. Serious businessmen, politicians and celebrities choose premium cars with a driver. We invite you to feel yourself in their place together with our fleet. There is a large assortment for your choice:

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SUVs and VANs for rent in Kiev

If you come with a big group of friends, we suggest you choose VAN. Mercedes-Benz V-class is in our collection, and in it you and all your friends will drive around Kiev in comfort. The large number of seats and the beautiful design of these cars have long gained popularity. They even host business meetings. But now you must forget about business, and think only about entertainment and your stag party in Ukraine.

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  • Mercedes – Benz S – class, G-class, V-class;
  • Range Rover Sport;
  • Bentley Continental;
  • BMW X6;
  • Ford Mustang.

Big people choose big cars. There is a large selection of SUVs for your attention. Powerful, elegant, comfortable, cars that impress. SUVs are very popular in our country and this is not surprising. An excellent choice for those who want to go out of town or go to a serious meeting. And you will have such meetings, because you will meet many beautiful ladies, and as you already know, Ukraine has the most beautiful girls. SUVs for rent in Kiev are provided by our company Lux Tour Kiev, and you can choose the brand of car that you like. We have Mercedes GLS and Gelenvagen, Range Rover Sport and BMW X6. As you see, these are the best cars in this class. You can find out more details on our website and watch video presentations of cars.

S-class cars for rent in Kiev

When you watch movies about rich and successful people or see them in real life, what do they all have in common? Right. They drive an elegant Mercedes Benz S-Class. It is the main vehicle of all successful men, businessmen and politicians. And success awaits you. In the form of a great stag party in Kiev, which our company will create for you. We want you to be satisfied, and you will be accompanied by comfort everywhere. And what could be better than moving around in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz C-class with a luxurious lady. This is every man’s dream. And we make dreams come true! Or maybe you dreamed of real English elegance. Want to feel like an aristocrat, stand out on the road, so that everyone would pay attention to you. Then your choice is the Bentley Continental. When you drive such a car, it feels like you are driving the whole world. As if you are above everyone else. With your work, you proved to yourself and others that you are. But, stop working, time to rest. Time to spend the best weekend in Ukraine with your friends. Drive around a beautiful city in a beautiful premium car. Only the best of this world can afford it. Oh, we almost forgot. But what about Maybach? It is also in our garage. We remind you that a video with our cars for rent in Kiev is on our website and you can watch them.

Weekend in Ukraine of your dream

Imagine a highway. Around beautiful nature, green trees. On the left in the distance you can see the mountains, and on the right a beautiful river. An empty road, you are eating with a beautiful girl, one of the best elite escort models in Kiev. The Bon Jovi band sounds. And you feel great power and speed. You are driving a great Ford Mustang. A picture from a music video or a happy ending from a movie, isn’t it. But this is reality. This is your weekend in Ukraine. And this is not a happy ending yet. This continues to be your best bachelor party in Kiev. Drive, beauty and emotion. Here is the rest of a real man. The rest that Lux Tour Kiev will create for you. With the best cars for rent in Ukraine, which you can choose on our website. If you find it difficult to make a choice, then our managers will help you.