Restaurant tour

Do you like delicious food? Then we offer you our restaurant tour in Kiev. You will visit the most beautiful places with cuisine from different countries of the world:

  • Asian food;
  • Ukrainian food;
  • American cuisine;
  • European cuisine.

We will show you all delicious and luxurious restaurants of Kiev according to your tastes and desires.


Sea food restaurants



Ukrainian cuisine



Steak Houses



American cuisine



Asian cuisine



Italian cuisine



Luxury European restaurants


Ukrainian food

Anything you want. By the way, if you use our transport service, the restaurant tour will be free for you. Together with our excellent guides, you will visit the best restaurants in Kiev, based on your tastes and preferences. Ukrainian cuisine is known all over the world.

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Many people dream of trying borscht, and there are several types of it in our restaurants. Traditional, green, and maybe royally. We also recommend trying our dumplings, various types of bacon and homemade sausage. And, of course, fix all this with our national alcoholic drinks. Ukrainians are cheerful and friendly people. Feel it in Ukrainian restaurants in Kiev.

American and Asian cuisine

Fast food and American cuisine are an attribute of any bachelor party. Our company will take you to the best cafes of this type, so that you can enjoy a great tasty burger. There will also be wonderful grill bars on your route. If you and your friends love meat, you will appreciate the ribs and steaks of various fries in the best grill bars in Kiev. A strag party takes a lot of energy and strength. Nothing gives strength like a large piece of meat. You will definitely appreciate the comfort and atmosphere in these places. If you do not eat meat, but prefer seafood, then we have great news for you. Some of the best seafood restaurants in Ukraine are located in Kiev. And at your request, we will take you there. Delicious shrimp in any form, lobster and shellfish, fish of all kinds. And like any successful man, you will visit these places with beautiful ladies. Delicious food and beautiful girls – this is a restaurant tour in Kiev from our company.

If you are looking for a low-fat meal, we recommend visiting Asian restaurants. Chinese, Japanese or Uzbek. Many people around the world love sushi and rolls, and Ukrainians are no exception. We like these dishes so much that we have learned to cook them as well as the Japanese. We advise you to check it out. Despite this, in restaurants of Asian cuisine, chefs work mainly from Asia. This also applies to other restaurants. Also, these are the places where you can relax well, take a break from the noisy city, and gain strength before a night out. We advise you to try pilaf – this is a miracle of Uzbek cuisine. At your request, our guide and driver will take you to the best Uzbek restaurant in Kiev. And don’t forget that Asian food is notable for its peppery flavor.

European restaurants

You will have enough time to appreciate not only Ukrainian, Asian and American cuisines, but also the cuisine of European countries. Including you will visit luxury European restaurants. For example, Italian cuisine. Our girls guides know where they cook the most delicious pizza in Kiev. Everyone loves pizza. It is also a must for stag parties, where it is often eaten with beer. You can also enjoy a large selection of pasta in the best Italian restaurants in Kiev. We know that all people are individual. Both you and your friends may love different foods and drinks. Someone follows proper nutrition and someone loves junk food. Company Lux tour Kiev will make sure that you are satisfied when you use the service restaurant tour in Kiev.

This will be your most delicious bachelor party in Ukraine!