Apartments in Kiev

Many people like the beauty of Kiev. We invite you to enjoy this beauty from the windows of a luxury penthouse. Look down at thousands of people who are in a hurry, work, solve problems. And you are standing at the window of a luxury penthouse in Kiev with a glass of champagne. Your best friends are standing side by side or sitting on plush sofas. Maybe one of them is already in the jacuzzi with a beautiful girl. This is the beginning of your bachelor party. A bachelor party that will remain in your memory. You create your own destiny. And today your destiny has brought you to one of the best cities in the world to have a great time. And while the people below are somewhere in a hurry, you slowly start your best weekend in Ukraine.

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Stag party in Ukraine

If you want to have a stag party in Europe, then Kiev will be the best choice for you. The most beautiful girls, delicious cuisine, interesting architecture, as well as care and comfort. The care and comfort that our apartments provide and 24-hour service. The choice of penthouses and apartments in Kiev is very large. We know how to make our clients happy.

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There will be a different number of bedrooms for your choice. If you come to us with a large group of friends, you can be sure that everyone will sleep in a luxurious bed. This is, if you have time to sleep. Because when you step into your spacious penthouse, a welcome party awaits you. A bottle of elite alcohol of your choice, champagne and a lot of beer. Great start. Also, you should know that in addition you can order an erotic show. Playboy magazine stars are next to you on the same couch. You drink Corona beer and laugh out loud. Tell each other about yourself. This is how friendship begins. Ukrainians are friendly people. Let us prove it!

Penthouses in Kiev

Imagine the perfect place to relax. And this place is in the center of Kiev. You arrive tired after the flight. Tired of the noise on the streets of a big city and just want to relax. Silence and a beautiful view outside the window, a hot sauna and a pleasant jacuzzi. Then a relaxing massage and a glass of champagne. Nice music plays. You will still have time to have fun in the nightclubs to the music of the best thief DJs during the nightlife tour. You will also ride tanks and elite cars. But it will all be tomorrow. And today, relax, rest and wait for the start of a great bachelor party in Kiev. Take a photo and send to friends in your country. Let them envy you. And you all deserve it.

Allow yourself to relax like a real man. We offer you the best living conditions in our apartments:

  • 1-5 bedrooms;
  • Sauna and jacuzzi;
  • 24 hours service;
  • Guide and translator services;
  • Welcome party.

Why choose a penthouse instead of a house in Kiev? For example, you come with a small company, 3-4 men. You want the benefits of downtown nearby, such as a shopping mall. Or maybe it’s the romance of the big city. Everyone will find a reason for themselves. As we will find for you the best apartments in Kiev for your weekend. Trust our managers. They will give you a lot of information and talk about the benefits of each penthouse. Also, you can make your choice on our website Lux Tour Kiev. There you will see pictures and this will help you understand what you need. In any case, you will be satisfied. This is our job and we do it with high quality. Your best stag party in Ukraine. The party you deserve!