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We bring to your attention a summer pool party. These are three magic words that will surely cheer you up because a lot of emotions await you. Show the person that they don't like pool parties. Maybe he's just never been there. And you have such a chance. Company Lux tour Kiev invites you to spend your bachelor party in Kiev in the best way. And here is one of our services.

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Summer pool party in Kiev

Did you know that the pool is a large selection of party options? You will not just swim, drink pinacolada and dance to chill trance. No, no, this is just the basics. Imagine how many summer pool party themes you can think of. For example, a Hawaiian party. Put on colorful shirts, make pineapple glasses and go dancing until the morning. Our beautiful models in bright and seductive swimsuits will wear necklaces of flowers around your necks to welcome you in our country. We are famous for our hospitality. Let us show it.

We want to tell you that beautiful models will accompany you and it is very good to make sure that you have a good mood all the time. The meaning of any bachelor party in Kiev is when there is a bright girl next to you, which will not let you get bored. Just keep in mind that Lux Tour Kiev does not provide prostitution services. You can personally propose to the girls. All kisses and romantic encounters are possible only with the consent of the girl.

Erotic show by the pool

So, back to the pool. Imagine you are floating on a mattress on the water with glasses and a cocktail in your hand. The scorching sun caresses your face with its rays. Or you are lying by the pool on a sun lounger and a beautiful model gives you a sensual massage. You enjoy your freedom and hear the DJ playing your favorite song behind your back. This is your party.

You will be in a VIP bungalow with a premium bottle and snacks. This is just the basics. In fact, it all depends on your imagination and your capabilities. We invite you to remember films in which young people play crazy pool parties with DJs and musicians and various games. Think about what you want to see the atmosphere at such a bachelor party? Have you thought? Now you can safely ask our manager a question. He will be happy to answer and offer different options for recreation. It’s not just the pool that awaits you. This is only part of your relaxation.

Also waiting for you:

  • excursions to nightclubs and strip bars;
  • extreme games;
  • erotic show.

Perhaps you want an erotic show right by the pool? Imagine the night, candles are burning around the pool and a sensual RnB is playing, and our beautiful strippers dance for you and invite you to swim together. Have you imagined it? And this is only a part of what Lux Tour Kiev can offer you!


Summer Pool Party

Vip Bungalow + Premium Bottle service with snacks and beverages