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Unique ability to feel yourself a Hero of Fast and Furious movie, running away from the police by luxurious sports car to Odessa, where winner will have surprise – Happy End with STRIP - BDSM girls show.

Exotic sport cars rent

Company Lux Tour Kiev offers you the opportunity to spend time with drive. Feel like the hero of the Fast and the Furious movie during your bachelor party in Kiev.

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All real men love competition. Some prefer to fight in the octagon and some men compete in the number of girls. Everyone is different. We invite you to compete in exotic sports cars. This is a great chance to feel the power of the car in your hands and show everyone who is king on these roads. Luxury tour Kiev offers you exotic sports car rental to enjoy the speed and elegance. We can offer you rentals of American sports cars such as the Ford Mustang. And also you have the opportunity to ride a chic Bentley convertible. We can bet that not every one of you had the opportunity to control these beauties. Well … it’s time! Contact our managers to find out more details and also learn about other extreme offers from our company!

Race tour from Kiev to Odessa

We believe that a real man should feel speed and masterly control power. Imagine driving along the highway from Kiev to Odessa to have a great time, 2-3 days of stag party in Odessa. Odessa is a very beautiful city on the Black Sea coast. It is a city of beauty and constant fun. And also luxury. Odessa is often called Ukrainian Dubai. Don’t believe me ?? You have a great opportunity to check it out! During the time that you will go, you will be able to see all the beauty of Ukraine, including forests and fields, and of course beautiful rivers.

You will have a choice. Go on an extreme trip only with a group of friends or you will be accompanied by beautiful girls. We sincerely think that there can be nothing better than driving a fast car, for example, a Mustang, and a beautiful girl will sit next to you that will look at you and fall in love with the power with which you own a powerful car. It may sound fantastic .. but it is possible. You only need to want. And we will fulfill your wishes.

We have prepared a surprise for you! This is an exclusive from our company! You can not just go to Odessa, but run away from the police! This will make your heart beat faster and you will get a lot of adrenaline. We sincerely believe that just driving a car is not so interesting, so we invite you to take part in a wonderful quest. And that is not all! A surprise awaits you at the end of your trip! The winner of the race will receive a STRIP SHOW! Isn’t that a great motivation?) So everything is in your hands.

Rent American sport car

You should know that exotic car rental is not only for a trip to Odessa. You can also have a great time riding around Kiev. This is a large beautiful metropolis that amazes tourists and locals with its beauty. You will have a great chance to enjoy architectural monuments, old buildings and modern buildings. All this is combined and creates one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world – Kiev. Also, you should know that you can rent an American sports car with us. It is very popular and American sports cars are among the most powerful and beautiful in the world. But, you already know it!

Lux tour Kiev offers you:

  • Rent of exotic sports cars;
  • Escape from the police;
  • Trip to Odessa.

If you have specific questions, then our management team will be happy to answer you. On our website you will find more information on how you can have a great Bachelor Party in Ukraine.

We can promise you that it will be an unforgettable weekend!