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You know what makes all successful men stand out? A beautiful girl is nearby. It goes without saying. Party on the yacht! This is how a real successful man should spend his vacation. We invite you and your friends to spend an unforgettable bachelor party weekend in Kiev. And one of its parts is the yacht party.

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We have several types of water transport to choose from, which should please you. The photo is on our website. Among them you can find:

  • Grand luxury yacht;
  • Motor luxury yacht;
  • Fast motor boat.

Grand luxury yacht

Your choice depends on what type of party you want to organize. Of course, a grand luxury yacht with beautiful cabins and a deck is suitable for a big shy party. If you have a large group of friends, there is room for everyone. Also, do not forget that you can have an unlimited number of the best escort models in Kiev with you. Without beautiful Ukrainian girls, it won’t be so much fun on a yacht. They will serve you champagne or drink it with you while watching the beautiful water surface. Under the open sky, under the noise of a yacht and light music, you can fall in love and there is a risk of wanting to stay with us forever. And often repeat such a party on a yacht in Kiev.

Luxury motor yacht

If you have had a noisy nightlife tour and want to rest and relax, you can take a luxury motor yacht and go on a small trip with a small company or together with a beautiful model of your choice. Believe me, this will be an unforgettable time. You, the girl, and the yacht. What could be more romantic? We would like to remind you that Lux Tour Kiev does not provide prostitution services. If you want to ask a girl out on a romantic date, then you can do that. All only with the consent of the girl.

Fast motor boat

If you want to experience other emotions. Test the speed, cross to the other side or go fishing, you can choose a fast motorboat. Feel how the wild wind blows in your face, drops of water flow down your cheeks and your heart beats with great speed in your chest. The heart of a real predator. We help men to throw out their inner strength so that they feel like men and can relax at the highest level. This is our main task. Create the best bachelor party in Kiev and make sure that pleasant emotions stay with you for a long time.

On the site you can see photos of our yachts, and if you have any questions, then write to us. Our managers will contact you and give you advice.

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