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Full-day Private Tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat

1 person – $400.00
2 person – $300.00 / person
3 person – $250.00 / person
4 person – $225.00 / person
5 person – $200.00 / person
Duration: 8 AM - 7 PM (11 hours)

Full-day Private tour & Control room tour

1 person – $550.00
2 person – $450.00 / person
3 person – $400.00 / person
4 person – $375.00 / person
5 person – $350.00 / person

TRIP OVERVIEW Some general info to get you started

Chernobyl tourism

Take courage to go on a thrilling and blood-chilling trip to Chernobyl! The Forbes magazine states that this world’s most extreme travel destination meets its brave guests with penetrating silence and eerie scenes of post-apocalyptic urban landscapes. Entering Chernobyl Exclusion Zone will make You feel like an infiltrator (“Stalker”, in Ukrainian!), and of course, You will visit Pripyat ghost city that still keeps many of its secrets from outsiders even after more than thirty years! Chernobyl radiation levels do not exceed safety standards set for humans, but nearness to the legendary sarcophagus covering Unit No.4 will send shivers down Your spine!

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During the Chernobyl tour You will visit many interesting places and will learn stories of the Chernobyl disaster with our English-speaking guides. Join us on a full-day tour for a complete immersion journey throughout the Zone and an unforgettable experience of this mysterious location.

Chernobyl vacation

We will visit many fascinating places and, of course, the famous ones, listed below, will not be omitted:

  • Pripyat today is a ghost town overgrown with grass and trees. Back in a day, it was a young but a very fast-growing and perspective town. Almost 50 000 people of 25 nationalities lived there by the night of the accident. Today it’s a maze of deserted streets and crumbling buildings.
  • The amusement park and the legendary Ferris wheel – a gloomy landmark and iconic symbol that everyone wants to photograph.
  • The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant itself. Following a massive accident inside Unit 4 and a series of other accidents, the Power Plant was shut down completely on December 15th, 2000.
  • The huge New Safe Confinement which was installed over Unit 4 in November 2016. It weighs 36,200 tonnes and can easily cover the Colosseum in Rome.

Think about going to Chernobyl?

Chernobyl experience: learn more about the biggest accident in the history of nuclear energy, and the tragedy that affected the USSR and other countries.

Enjoy full program: visit numerous fascinating restricted-access sites, and head home with a lifetime’s worth of impressions.

Safe to visit Chernobyl: our tour is conducted by experienced English-speaking guides who will instruct You on all safety protocols. Radiation at all locations visited is at acceptable levels, which You will be able to check personally, using a Geiger counter.

Explore history: We offer standard full-day tours to Chernobyl, with a full course lunch included, as well as other treats. We also offer private tours if You want only Your friends around or in case You have something special in mind regarding places You want to visit.

Benefit from our experienced English-speaking guides: This is one trip that will keep You on Your toes!  Everything around you will help immerse Yourself in the history of this grim yet exciting location.

Opt for a Chernobyl private tour or a group one: Let us know whether You’d prefer to visit Chernobyl with random new acquaintances or just with Your friends. Would You prefer just a standard trip or a unique route with any specific places You wanted to visit? Do You want to see a bit of everything or focus on any certain location for most of the day? We’ll find an option that suits You best!

  Other services included into the price:

Regular Group Tour includes: group gathering at departure point, insurance, an English-speaking guide and an authentic “atomic lunch” at a Soviet-style canteen!

Chernobyl Private Tour includes: pick-up and drop-off to/from any  location within Kyiv, comfortable for You, insurance, an English-speaking guide and an authentic “atomic lunch” at a Soviet-style canteen OR a modern-style restaurant meal which we will provide exquisitely for You.

(!) Please note that access to the Zone and any separate locations on its territory can be altered due to weather conditions and orders of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone administration!


Chernobyl Exclusion Zone facts

  1. Chernobyl disaster took place on the night from April 25th to 26th, 1986. Among countless other consequences it resulted in the evacuation of roughly 600,000 people, because of an explosion inside Unit 4, and long-term contamination effects to surrounding lands.
  2. The town of Pripyat, located two kilometers away from the Power Plant, is one of ten most environmentally contaminated cities on Earth, according to Blacksmith Institute. Today only tourists and “Stalkers” (illegal thrill-seekers) go there.
  3. Nearly all metal components for the “New Safe Confinement” (the second sarcophagus) were produced in Italy. Structure includes around 500,000 special bolts.
  4. Chernobyl Exclusion Zone covers around 2,600 square kilometers, an area comparable to Luxembourg.
  5. Disaster of 1986 lead to radioactive fallouts not only on the territory of the Soviet Union, but across Central and Western Europe.
  6. There is a secret military installation in the Zone, known as “Duga-1”. This gigantic radar was part of USSR’s nuclear strike defense system. It measures 700 meters across and 148 meters tall in its tallest point!

To conclude

Almost everyone heard chilling stories about that disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, but to appreciate the full scale and consequences of this disaster there is nothing like visiting sites that still bear the imprint of those events, even over thirty years on. Whether You’re motivated by a passion for delving into history, or by a longing for extreme adventures, this Chernobyl tour will just make You want to keep going. Adventure Tours in Ukraine guarantees You will come back with a great deal of impressions that will last a lifetime. Register now!