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We present you Kiev nightlife tour. This is the kind of recreation that suits people who want to be constantly on the move. If you are tired of yachts and house parties, then a bachelor party in Kiev can be on the night streets of the city. More precisely, in nightclubs and restaurants.

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Pre-party on the rooftop restaurant

Everything always starts with a pre-party. How you start the party is always important. Your whole night can depend on it. What if you start having fun right under the skies? Yes, it is under heaven, that’s right. Lux Tour Kiev offers to start a bachelor party in the VIP zone of one of the best rooftop restaurants in Kiev. Our city has an excellent selection of such establishments and together we can choose for you. Or maybe our wonderful guides will choose for you. Namely, our girls are models. It is with such girls that you should appear on your party at the rooftop restaurant and start your nightlife tour in Kiev.

It is not just a special service that will be of a high standard awaits you. A wonderful atmosphere awaits you. Sit at a table with friends and beautiful girls, and look from a height at the beauty of evening Kiev. This is what is called the Million Dollar View. And we will do it for you for a much lower price.

When you watch movies about rich and successful people or see them in real life, what do they all have in common? Right. They drive an elegant Mercedes Benz S-Class. It is the main vehicle of all successful men, businessmen and politicians. And success awaits you. In the form of a great bachelor party in Kiev, which our company will create for you. We want you to be satisfied, and you will be accompanied by comfort everywhere. And what could be better than moving around in the back seat of a Mercedes Benz C-class with a luxurious lady. This is every man’s dream. And we make dreams come true! Or maybe you dreamed of real English elegance.

Want to feel like an aristocrat, stand out on the road, so that everyone would pay attention to you. Then your choice is the Bentley Continental. When you drive such a car, it feels like you are driving the whole world. As if you are above everyone else. With your work, you proved to yourself and others that you are. But, stop working, time to rest. Time to spend the best weekend in Ukraine with your friends. Drive around a beautiful city in a beautiful premium car. Only the best of this world can afford it. Oh, we almost forgot. But what about Maybach? It is also in our garage. We remind you that a video with our cars for rent in Kiev is on our website and you can watch them.

VIP party in best night clubs

After enjoying the atmosphere, chatting with beautiful girls, a hot night of dancing and adventure awaits you. We invite you to the heart of Kiev nightlife, to the best nightclubs. It is there that you will continue your bachelor party in Kiev. This is how you get tired of dancing and laughing.

Those who have visited nightclubs in Kiev know that the fun continues until the morning. There are many interesting people to meet. But this is not necessary for you. After all, you will be there with beautiful models in unlimited quantities. You will spend an unforgettable night with them. We remind you that Lux Tour Kiev does not provide prostitution services. Kisses and romantic dates only with the consent of the girls. Also, you will be like really important persons in the VIP zone of the club, where a bottle of premium alcohol will already be waiting for you.

You must understand that you will be a visitor to more than one club. The quantity can be up to 3. But it depends on how many friends you have.

You will independently choose clubs depending on the music you like. These can be clubs where it plays:

  • Commercial;
  • Trance;
  • Techno;
  • House;

You can get to a party with a concert of a famous artist. And our artists know how to give a good mood.

Throughout the night you will not have a good mood and our models. After such a night, you will meet a wonderful sunrise by the Dnieper River and go to rest in your house or apartment.

Allow Lux Kiev Tour to present the best bachelor party in Kiev. These unforgettable emotions will stay with you forever!

Visit one of the best pre party restaurant and nightclub
(Commercial/House/Techno/RNB music according to your preference)


Nightlife tour


Price per day / per person

  • - VIP zone with special service at one of the best pre party Rooftop of Kiev
  • - Vip zone + optional premium Bottle service at 1-3 best night clubs
  • 1-5 people= 1 night club
  • 5-9 people= 2 night club
  • 10+people=3 night clubs