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Here's our offer

Party in top 3 best Gentlemen's clubs with ability to pick up girls
(extra 200$-300$ pay to the club manager)


We offer you a PIMP tour! This is a great time with your friends in the best gentlemen's clubs.

Every real man should raise a son, plant a tree, build a house and visit a strip club. We suggest you visit the 3 best strip clubs in Kiev. We want to tell you that the best dancers from all over Ukraine work there. It is not so easy to get to work there. So, you can be sure that you will be served by the best of the best.

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Best strip club’s in Kiev

Hot girls will give you a good mood with their dancing and erotic movements. Go dance show, pole dancing, privat show. This is what you will see tonight. You will have the opportunity to talk and meet strippers.

You can always find interesting topics for conversation. Especially when speaking in body language. Kiev stripper girls own it perfectly. You may not believe what is written, but you can see everything with your own eyes. You will have such an opportunity. Visiting the best strip clubs in Ukraine is better than visiting Amsterdam and Paris in one week.

Private house with erotic show

To make your bachelor party even more interesting, more exotic and memorable, we offer you our VIP service. This is a service for the real kings of their lives. This is a Private House with an erotic show. This you have not seen before. A 4-storey house awaits you, filled with beautiful furniture, bright ogayamas, sensual music and equipment for sexual games. But most importantly, this house is filled with beautiful sexy strippers who are ready to put on a show for you. Show whatever you want.

Waiting for you:

  • Strip show;
  • Lesbian show;
  • BDSM show.

Don’t let BDSM scare you. Games like this are played only to achieve one goal. This goal is our client’s pleasure. And even nicer is that the Private House with VIP girls does not cost as much money as you might think. Contact our manager right now and get a consultation. On our page you can familiarize yourself with the interior of the house and photographs of the girls. But the photo is a photo. The main thing is real emotions. Emotions that sexy Kiev girls can give.

You know, there is a certain romance in this. A beautiful girl, in sexy underwear, in high heels, gently and playfully dances around a pole. She looks at you with her own eyes and does not say a word. You don’t need to say anything. You already understand everything. You understand that today you are the king. That you deserve to spend this time. That this is the best bachelor party in Kiev, and you are ready to surrender to your feelings 100%.

Here’s our offer: Party in top 3 best Gentlemen’s clubs with ability to pick up girls

(extra 200$-300$ pay to the club manager)

Let us do it so that you will remember this night for a long time. The best strip clubs for you are open to you.

If you have any questions, the managers of Lux Tour Kiev will be happy to answer them.

Gentlemans club
Strip clubs P.I.M.P Tour